Rembering Respected Ashok Singhal ji

Respected Ashok Singhal ji was an iconic leader of the Hindu world. His life was dedicated for the cause of Hindu consolidation and building awareness and assertion in thought and action of Hindus world over. He organised the Hindu community at global level into a consolidated power. He successfully addressed the concerns of Hindus belonging to deprived and depressed sections like tribals,SCs etc and thereby brought them into mainstream through thousands of projects, involving millions of people. While the Hindu world view was undermined in Indian political domain for decades and the Hindu community was considered as a divided group based on caste, Ashok Singhal ji was able to instill the spirit of collectiveness among the community to rise as a major political force. He was able to make the common ancestry and cultural ethos of Indians as the referendum of our nationalism. He was also able to do a reinterpretation of secularism by sharpening the awareness of Hindu masses. Ramjanmabhoomi movement was a milestone in the course of developing a Hindu centric political thought.

My personal acquaintance with him began during the initial years of Swadeshi movement. He provided me the inspiration and support personally as well as through the vast organisation of Vishwa Hindu Parishad. He not only motivated VHP, but many saints as well in propagating ideas of Swadeshi and self-reliance. He extended his full support for my padayatra from Sewagram to Al-Kabir abattoir to raise public awareness against cow-slaughter. I continued to get his guidance even after joining BJP, on several vital issues of national interest. He always aspired for the nationalist political thought emerging in the South Indian states.

We have lost a towering personality. It is a great and irreparable loss for the Sangh parivar, the nationalist school of thought and the global Hindu community.