BJP has started the preparation for the next general elections at the national level. Many believed that BJP is a divided house and we will be unable to solve the issue of leadership. The media often spoke of BJP’s inability in coming up with a Prime Ministerial candidate. But all such assumptions proved wrong when we made the decision of Shri Narendra Modi as our PM candidate.

Similarly, there is a perception that BJP will be isolated without any allies and possibility of an expansion of NDA is bleak, more particularly with Shri Narendra Modi as the leader. But again such perceptions are now being overturned by indications across the nation that there are parties and leaders who are ready to align with BJP, though things may not have reached the final stage. An NDA expansion in a pre-poll scenario is viable and will pave the way to forming a stable and coherent government under the leadership of BJP and NDA.

Mass mobilisation at grass root levels shows that people are fed up with the UPA government. The government has failed on all fronts – political, economic, security as well as handling the neighbours. The leader of the government is seen as a person who is not in control of the situation. In this scenario, another person in the form of Shri.Rahul Gandhi has emerged as the veto. Now this has aroused the question – who runs the government? It seems that the PM is Shri Manmohan Singh and the government is run by Shri.Rahul Gandhi. In such a situation the people demand an accountable and capable leadership and this will help BJP in forming the government at Centre.

BJP has reiterated its stand on Telangana that bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh is possible in an amicable manner and should be done as soon as possible. Congress is creating trouble among the Telugu speaking people. The united Andhra movement is attracting more and more support because the concerns and apprehensions of people of Telangana are not adequately addressed by the UPA government. In order to have a smooth division, it is very important to convince the people of Seemandhra without diluting the commitment for Telangana.

BJP in Telangana and the rest of the country will organise campaigns, special sectoral campaigns so as to strengthen the organisation at the grass root levels.