BJP National Secretary P Muralidhar Rao, addressing press conference in Karim Nagar in Andhra Pradesh today expressed his deep concern over the extreme crisis ridden situation Northern Telengana has been pushed into due to the irresponsible and insensitive attitude of the Congress governments in state as well as centre in the last decade.

The people of North Telengana comprising of Adilabad, Karim Nagar, Nizamabad, Warangal districts is involved in cultivation of cotton, chilly, sugarcane and turmeric and other professions like weaving and bidi making. The local economy including agriculture, weaving, bidi making sectors have completely got dislocated from this area leading this region to become the seat of acute misery. The suicides of farmers and weavers have not stopped. The farmers are not able to get remunerative prices for their produces. Even market price fluctuations are creating lot of despair.

Shri Muralidhar Rao pointed out that since backward and marginal sections are not able to get opportunities of employment and survival in their villages, they migrate to middle east countries like UAE and get employed as labours in non-skilled areas. Particularly from Nizamabad and Karim Nagar, more than 6 lakh immigrant workers are in Middle east. But the government was not able to create any support structure for this large section. On account of the absence any government monitoring mechanism, majority these people have taken loans from private financiers to go abroad. But even after returning back, they are not able to repay back and thereby enter into the vicious debt trap which ultimately may lead to suicides. Among these immigrants, more than 60% is OBC and 20% belong to scheduled classes. 24% of them are illiterate and 42% are below 10th pass, which means that their illiteracy adds to the suffering. There are 2.5 lakhs and 3.5 lakhs gulf immigrants in Nizamabad and Karim Nagar districts respectively. Due to the absence of a proper monitoring mechanism, more than 20000 immigrants, especially from Andhra Pradesh and Kerala are in jails of Middle east. Hundreds of unidentified dead bodies are lying for years in the gulf mortuaries as the Indian government as the gulf countires cannot cremate them due to their religious restrictions.

Suicides of weavers, farmers and gulf returnees in North Telengana has increased manifold in the past decade. Special study and movement is required to address this serious problem. Bidi making women and turmeric farmers in Adilabad and Karim Nagar are also facing a similar situation. Women in rural households who used to make bidis hav been losing employment due to negligence of government and profit oriented policies of private companies.

North Telengana has become the epicentre of violence and has started challenging the democracy. Shri Rao emphasised that this is only because the government and administration has failed completely in taking care of the overall development of the people. In the last decade no worthwhile industrialisation has happened in this region so as to absorb the people who have come out of the disruption of the rural economy. Therefore the governments are sole responsible to the unaccounted migration.

BJP strongly condemns the discriminative attitude of the state and central governments to the people of Northern Telengana and promises to initiate various measures to public opinion in this regard.