Murlidhar Rao, BJP’s National General Secretary interacts with former MP

Modi Govt on right track; will deliver, says Murlidhar Rao

BHARATIYA Janata Party (BJP) and its leadership, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has an onerous task of living upto the people’s expectations after getting a thumping mandate at the Centre. It will have to deliver without making excuses. The party is on the right track, dealing with changing aspirations, expectations and socio-economic scenario across the globe to bring positive changes in 21st century India, stated Murlidhar Rao, BJP’s National General Secretary.

Talking to the senior editorial team during his visit to ‘The Hitavada’ on Thursday, the articulate BJP leader unveiled the party’s vision and roadmap to make it world’s biggest, most vibrant and ideologically coherent outfit and tried to dispel myths and motivated propaganda about performance of Modi Government.

BJP replacing Congress

Rao said, the BJP has emerged as the biggest political party in general elections and there was a definite pattern in the mandate. “It clearly indicates that like pre-Independence Congress, the post-Independent India, particularly of 21st century, has selected BJP. “The Congress has been decimated in many parts of the country and even Congress workers are joining BJP in large numbers. The BJP is filling vacuum generated after marginalisation of Congress. The party is on an expansion spree, particularly in South and East, where party’s organisational base is relatively weak,” the senior leader said.

Sena ideologically closer

On relationship with oldest ally Shiv Sena in Maharashtra, the BJP National General Secretary said Shiv Sena is ideologically much closer to BJP and both parties have enjoyed excellent ties for decades. “Despite recent strain, both parties are surging ahead in Maharashtra and gaining good ground in most parts of Maharashtra following the rout of Congress and NCP,” he said.

Will honour allies

Clarifying BJP’s position vis-à-vis its coalition partners, Rao asserted BJP always respects its coalition partners, but as an independent political party, it has every right to expand its mass base without eating into the core support base of coalition partners. Citing example of Andhra Pradesh, where alliance partner Telugu Desam Party (TDP) is in power, Rao said the political vacuum created following crushing defeat of Congress and other non-BJP parties would be ultimately filled by BJP. Rao denied any ideological conflict with regional and alliance parties. He said, regional parties have only regional and survival interest. BJP can expand even after accommodating regional outfit’s political interests.

J&K, a test case

To a query about government formation with PDP in Jammu & Kashmir, Rao said the party is dealing with this critical situation with confidence and from position of strength. “BJP will never deviate from its commitment and nationalistic thinking. We consider this State as a test case for our robust nationalistic vision for India. We have the skill, maturity and strength to handle the situation on the basis of clean mandate in Jammu (BJP got 25 seats) and with a powerful Central Government,” he said. “We are not at all defensive about this political arrangement and deftly dealing with all situations. The Government will run on the basis of common minimum programme. But we have not compromised on our core ideological belief that J&K is an integral part of India and no duality can be allowed there. We have consolidated our position and opted for the best option of forming Government in the larger national interest,” Rao elaborated.

Foreign capital

Rao, who once spearheaded Swadeshi Jagran Manch movement for one-and-half decades, said, ideological and political situation has changed drastically in last 20 years. “The country is not facing any threat of World Trade Organisation (WTO) and other companies like Walmart. The whole world has changed and nobody is afraid of global players and their capital. In 1993 or 1995, when Dunkell draft was being discussed or WTO was being formed, developing countries were apprehensive about its impact on nascent economies. Now, in 2015, we are a confident nation, ready to absorb foreign investment.

“Ironically the Wall Street consensus or WTO has weakened considerably and is in no position to dictate terms to an assertive nation like India,” Rao said.

In fact, Rao added, foreign investment will benefit our domestic entrepreneurship in coming days. “The ‘Make in India’ campaign will empower quality and quantity of the domestic entrepreneurs.”

Mudra Bank a game-changer

Describing opening of Mudra Bank as a game-changer for Indian economy and society, Rao said, banking sector had failed during last 70 years to finance tiny sectors and small business entities. “The small and tiny vendors did not get any loan from banks and as a result were trapped in the dragnet of money-lenders. They had a non-level playfield and could never prosper. Mudra Bank has been designed for such sections,” Rao said.

He predicted that around 62 per cent people belonging to SC, ST and OBC categories and 94 per cent belonging to agriculture sector would be benefited from this bank. “This revolutionary decision will be able to uplift economic condition of poor and needy entrepreneurs. Without them we will not become the world leader,” Rao said.

BJP is not a ‘missed call party’

Rao, who is head of training committee of BJP, refuted the criticism that BJP’s recent membership drive was a sham and claimed that “missed call party” criticism was factually incorrect and uncharitable. “The party has used technology to reach out to crores of people in the first phase,” he said and added, “In next three months, we will reach out to every individual who gave a missed call and brief them about BJP, its core beliefs, working and policy of the party. Every active member will have to enroll around 100 workers in the party. The party will organise training camps for 15 lakh active members of the country.” The camps will be held at Mandal, District and State level. This exercise will continue for next three months, he said.

Special events to mark Modi Govt’s one year

The party is also planning to celebrate one year of completion of Modi Government at Centre on May 26. A chain of programmes will be organised to reach out to common man and highlight the party’s achievements in last one year. On macro level, major initiatives have been taken to implement party’s commitment to people, Rao stated. This will be in addition to Government’s own campaign.

No conflict with Parivar outfits

Refuting any conflict between Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Modi-led Government over some core issues, Rao made it clear that in every living organisation and vibrant democracy, such differences were quite natural. “Differences are based on life-long beliefs, commitments and priorities of particular organisations and hence too much should not be read into it. We must view them as healthy difference of opinion which is necessary in a democratic set-up,” he said.

Naxals are anti-national, anti-democratic

On Naxalism, Rao said it is a great threat to the nationalist government and the democracy. “The red terror has halted the development process,” said Rao, himself a victim of deadly Naxal attack. “There is no space for non-democratic forces in the country and BJP Government will never allow Left ultras to carry out their nefarious designs,” he added. Banwarilal Purohit, former MP and Managing Editor of ‘The Hitavada’ welcomed Rao by presenting a floral bouquet. General Manager and Managing Partner Rajendra Purohit, Editor Vijay Phanshikar, noted economist Dr Yoganand Kale, Pankaj Mahajan were present during discussion.