July 24, 2012


BJP National Secretary and in-charge of Kerala BJP Shri Muralidhar Rao, while inaugurating the Janakiya Prakshobha Yatra, demanded fresh investigations in the case of late K T Jayakrishnan Master killed by Marxists.


Flagging of the yatra in Payyannoor today, he said that in Kerala and entire country, Marxism and fascism have become synonymous to each other and can be found as not all different. The Marxists have declared repeatedly that they have discarded the class elimination theory and the violent philosophy to capture state power and have adopted democratic means. For their credit, the people of Kerala gave its mandate for Communist rule long back under the leadership of EMS Namboothiripad. But today we have come to know, thanks to the factionalism in CPM, it is not any bad elements among the Marxists who are engaging in murderous politics. It is the party and its leadership in a clandestine manner implementing violent strategies to eliminate the political opponents. Today in the entire country, the debate is how Marxist party and leaders are indulging in liquidating their political adversaries.


Now in Kerala we have thousands of people belonging to the nationalist political thought and also others belonging to different political ideologies got murdered in the last few decades by Marxists. They were doing this in Bengal more perfectly and monopolizing power for three decades. They used bureaucracy, police machinery and entire administrative apparatus to achieve the objectives. They eliminated many in Bengal and kept the people in terror. After many years of complete grip on the system, now they have lost power. So the entire opposition space has become vacant as the present Marxists of Bengal are not well versed with the mobilization of public opinion in a democratic way. So they fail as a functional democratic opposition as well as party. They have lost the faith of the people and police patronage and have an entirely demoralized cadre.


In Kerala, the story was a little different. They couldnot completely monopolize power as they could only run government in turns. So the police protection and administrative patronage was not comparable to that it was in Bengal. However they practised the same violent politics in Kerala as well. Thousands of innocent and sincere political activists have been murdered by the goons of this party. Now Shri V S Achutanandan and the rampant factionalism has started exposing the party and helped the people of Kerala to understand the real philosophy and working nature of the party. Here raises the question, why Shri Achutanandan has not raised this at his ages of 50, 60, 70 or 80 and doing it only at his age of 89? It shows that it is only due to his ambition to control the party and not due to his sincerity. Had he exposed at the earliest, it could have saved many precious lives. The entire national leadership of the CPM was always hand in glove with this type of leadership. It means that they were using it to capture and retain power by duping people.


BJP is the only party which is capable of fighting Marxists and their murderous politics in Kerala. Our Kannur district president Mr.Ranjith is taking out Janakiya Prakshobha Yatra for next 6 days, covering 250kms demanding re opening of the cases of late K.T. Jayakrishnan Master, Payyanoor Chandran who were killed by Marxists and also Mr. Ashwini Kumar who was killed by Islamic terrorists. We demand that CBI should re investigate and file fresh charge sheets by bringing the remaining culprits to justice.


BJP also feels that Congress, whom the people thought to be a better alternative to CPM, has also lost the faith of people all over the country. They are fighting a limited war and joins the fight whenever they feel politically convenient and comfortable. They projects themselves to be different from the CPM in Kerala, but follows the same kind of politics of duping the people. Secularism, integrity and fight against terrorism have become irrelevant for Congress. Congress has shown its real face by using investigate agencies for political purposes in the case of Mulayam Singh Yadav and Mayawati in Uttar Pradesh.


Let alone BJP, no other political leader or party is capable of protecting secularism and democracy in people’s interest. In Kerala, BJP is becoming more powerful. Recent election results of Neyyattinkara demonstrate this. If BJP comes to power in 2014 and the present state government fails to reopen investigation and pursue cases on the murders, we will do it. In that case, BJP feels that most of the present important leaders of CPM will be behind the bars.