12 Aug 2012

BJP National Secretary and in-charge of Kerala Shri P.Muralidhar Rao inaugurated the Kerala BJP state committee meeting at Chandrashekhar Nair stadium in Thiruvananthapuram today. Addressing the inaugural session, Shri Rao expressed his serious concerns about the crisis situation the country and Kerala has been dragged into by the Congress led governments. He also expressed his apprehension of the increasing communalization of Kerala politics aimed at endangering the secular fabric of the state.
Shri Rao said that Congress government both in Kerala and the Centre are not focused on good governance and development. Instead they are concentrating on a hard core minority appeasement programme which actually does not benefit the common people but just is objected at gathering votes. The Congress is well aware that the people’s mood is completely against Congress in power which will oust them from power. Both the Central and state governments are insensitive to the issues of people, rampantly corrupt, and has failed completely in governance. So they have determined to follow this hard core appeasement policy all over the nation objected to take over the vote bank.


The Bodo issue of Assam is a good example of this attitude of Congress. The entire world knows that the root cause of the issue is Bangladeshi Muslim immigration. Instead of taking actions against the infiltrators, the Congress government is trying to protect them as the Bangladeshi Muslims are their potential vote bank for the past three decades. Assam has been under violence due to this issue for the past 30 years, but the Congress government has always been protecting the Bangladeshi immigrants.
Taking this into account, one should also realize that the situation in Kerala is no different. BJP is afraid that Kerala is becoming a laboratory for designs of radical communal groups. Muslim radical groups have become very strong in the past few years. They have been involved in terrorist and murderous activities. The mention of NIA about the increased terrorist activities in Malabar and the killings done by Popular Front of India are indicators of this. But the Congress government supports such people and radicalized Muslim groups. Moreover the Congress is always submissive to Muslim political groups like Muslim league. This is evident from the fact that most of the key ministries are held by Muslims. They display a discriminative attitude to Hindus. For eg, Congress governments always have a Muslim educational minister who discriminates educational institutions run by SNDP or NSS and favours Muslim run institutions.


The irrational and unacceptable demand for a separate secretariat by the Muslim parties in Malabar, which has never happened in big states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh etc. is one of the significant examples of the communal and partisan politics of the parties supported by the Congress. But the people of Kerala should realize that they pose a serious threat to the security, democracy and secular nature of our country.


The Communist parties instead do not offer a viable alternative as they are deeply involved in murderous and violent politics which the people of Kerala have been forced to live with. Now the people of Kerala have started realizing the need of BJP emerging as an important political force to keep these two forces in check.


Shri Muralidhar Rao also commented about the pathetic situation of Indian economy. Plagued by continued economic sluggishness, millions are pushed into chronic poverty and unimaginable levels of unemployment. A few days before it was reported that India’s industrial production fell further by 1.8 per cent in June, a third fall in four months, attributed to a dismal showing by the manufacturing and capital goods sectors. He said that the present government has thoroughly failed in sustaining hopes of any turnaround of this economic situation. If this situation continues and the Congress governments continue with this misgovernance, the nation is at extreme risk.


He also said that regarding the attack on Mata Amritananda Mayi the Congress government is trying to misdirect the investigations. The people should know who are behind him and what their motives were. Even the police do not have an answer where Satnam Singh was for past two years after absconding from Bihar. To evade from all these, the government is directing the investigations on other aspects of the case.