Press Statement issued by Shri Muralidhar Rao, BJP National General Secretary at Thiruvananthapuram on 29 October 2013


Blasts in Patna – The total breakdown of internal security


The bomb blasts during the Hunkar rally in Patna on Sunday addressed by BJP Prime Minister Nominee Shri Narendra Modi, BJP National President Shri Rajnath Singh and other senior leaders was a glaring example of negligence and security lapse by the state government of Bihar. It has come to light that there were serious lapses in overall security arrangements for the event in which lakhs of people were expected to attend.


The BJP leaders, workers, people assembled at Gandhi Maidan and media persons witnessed the complete failure of security. There were no metal detectors to scan the thousands of people who entered the venue of the rally. One of the bombs were found just 100 feet from the stage, which shows that even the most sensitive areas were not sanitised for explosives. No emergency and safety drills were performed. The policemen were not in adequate numbers and many parts of the ground were manned by private security. Taking these facts into consideration, it is a truth that there was criminal negligence on part of the government of Bihar including the Chief Minister and the claim that there were no security lapses by the CM Shri Nitish Kumar is absolutely baseless. Going by the various reports this assertion from the CM appears to be incorrect. A general alert was sounded by the Intelligence Bureau on Oct 1st, 2013 in a letter to various states including the Director General of Police of Bihar with regard to the Indian Mujahideen planning to organise strikes in different cities. A specific alert was sent to the Bihar police by the Central Intelligence Bureau on 23rd Oct 2013 with regard to the rally to be addressed by Shri Narendra Modi in Patna. The letter number of this alert was v-111/PA/2013(3). This alert was specific enough to mention that the IM modules could organise strikes during Shri Narendra Modi’s Patna visit. A reference to the arrest of Bhatkal, an information emanating from another source was also mentioned. The Chief Minister should have owned the responsibility for this failure.


The police have revealed that this terror act is linked to the terrorist outfit Indian Mujahideen. The same outfit has been considered as responsible for the blasts in Hyderabad and Bodh Gaya earlier this year. This shows that the underlying ideology and forces are the same behind various terror attacks in India. It also means that the UPA government has failed miserably to curb terrorism in India. Through the arrests of Yasin Bhatkal and some others, the government has claimed that they have dismantled the networks of Indian Mujahideen. But the blasts in Patna shows that the terror networks of this outfit are still active and operational.


The country’s internal and external security scenario is under serious threat. Congress-led UPA Government has failed to get justice for the Mumbai 26/11 attack. Pakistan has been deaf to the demands made by the Indian government to take necessary actions against the perpetrators of 26/11 based on the evidences provided by India. But the soft approach of India in dealing with Pakistan has not only enabled Pakistan to ignore them but also to continue cross border terrorism at escalated levels.

Congress Vice President Shri Rahul Gandhi uses diversionary tactics to mislead the people from the reality that the government has failed in containing terror, by accusing BJP for promoting communal violence. Congress has been for decades employing the politics of religion and promoting sectarianism to secure votes. The Congress leaders should realize that the nation cannot afford terrorism in order to secure power for a particular political party. Such attempts will not only be detrimental to the Muslim community but also for the entire nation. The nation needs to uproot such a political culture that can subordinate nation’s supreme sovereign interests for electoral and other political considerations. We need to have a government which has the will, understanding and capacity to carry the entire nation together so that we can achieve prosperity along with harmony.

The UPA government and Prime Minister Shri Manmohan Singh have proved indecisive and incompetent not only in dealing with the economy, but also safeguarding the security of the nation. BJP calls upon the country men to actively participate in its 272+ mission under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi to end the misrule of the UPA government in 2014.