Life in prison much better than TRS rule, says Muralidhar Rao

Speaking to the editorial team of TNIE, Rao alleged that there was no governance at ground level and that problems were plenty.

HYDERABAD: The love-hate relationship between the ruling K Chandrasekhar Rao-led TRS government and the Bharatiya Janata Party notwithstanding, the saffron party feels that the “family rule’’ of K Chandrasekhar Rao can never help expand democracy.

“Democracy cannot travel with a family propelled party or leadership and this is the firm belief of BJP, be it KCR’s family or the Congress. It has become an emboldened virtue because of Congress. With the Congress, it could not have become an all-India phenomenon,’’ BJP National General Secretary P Muralidhar Rao said even as he attacked the TRS government on various fronts.

Speaking to the editorial team of TNIE, Rao alleged that there was no governance at ground level and that problems were plenty. “There is no drinking water and sanitation across many slums in and around Hyderabad. Garbage is everywhere. In many places, families comprising 10 to 15 people are living in one room in pathetic conditions. People in Cherlapally or Chanchalguda prisons are much better off when compared to cramped living,’’ Rao said.

The BJP leader said that political mobilisation at ground level is only waiting to happen to fight against the government. “I have been visiting bastis (slums) in Hyderabad and I can tell you there is no governance at all. There are many intense problems.”

“Leave about remote problems, I’m talking about bare minimum issues which are very essential for the common man. Government has utterly failed in providing even the basic requirements for the common man.’’

When sought a comment on the federal front launched by Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, Muralidhar Rao only chose to say that KCR started off by attacking the BJP leadership. On being asked to comment on the charge by the Congress that TRS is an “agent of BJP,’’ Rao dismissed it insisting that the fight in Telangana will only be between TRS and BJP.

When asked about national BJP leaders and Union Ministers appreciative words about TRS government creating confusion among BJP cadres in Telangana, Muralidhar Rao clarified that none other than BJP national President Amit Shah had criticised TRS government failures vehemently and gave a call for BJP cadre to take on KCR government several times in the past, thus making it clear that there is no room for softer stance towards the ruling party.

“Congress has several constraints to fight against TRS. Its regional leadership is not independent and national leadership is weak. Congress has been failing to streamline dissatisfaction of people over TRS rule and launch agitations.”

“Only BJP can emerge as a viable alternative to TRS in Telangana,” summed up Muralidhar Rao. Referring to Karnataka elections, Rao said that the Congress party which won 78 seats ceded to JDS which won only 37 seats. “Our strategy to keep Congress away from power was a big success.’’

My opposition to TRS will lose credibility if I join other parties in protest. Today TRS is declining and I want to occupy that space, should I attack TRS or Congress?

On MIM & BJP’s relationship: “You are reading too much into it” *smiles*

No one has been able to decipher Modi yet. If you want to read Modi or thus BJP, understand the change of leadership or the attitude.

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