Muralidhar Rao: BJP Manifesto To Have “Path-Breaking” Declarations

He also indicated that there might be a mention of the party’s ideas with regard to not subjecting mutts and temples to any kind of government control or “intimidation”

BJP general secretary in-charge of Karnataka, Muralidhar Rao, on Monday claimed that party’s manifesto would have “path-breaking” declarations, and gave a cue that ideas to be about Kannada and culture.

He also indicated that there might be a mention of the party’s ideas with regard to not subjecting mutts and temples to any kind of government control or “intimidation.”

“There is people’s involvement in manifesto preparation and definitely on four, five issues we will have path-breaking declarations from the party when we come out (with the manifesto),” Rao said. He was speaking at the “Meet the Press” organised by the Press Club of Bengaluru and Reporters Guild.

He listed out a comprehensive resolution of farmers’ issues, “radical” welfare declarations and programmes among the priorities. Rao said “Karnataka, Kannada, and culture, also tourism are inseparable. BJP as a party rooted in cultural aspect feels it has to be a powerful asset in solving issues, so there will be path-breaking ideas from us in this regard.”

He accused the Congress and its president Rahul Gandhi of “half-hearted” temple visits and called them “election Hindus”, Rao said.

“BJP will have a completely different view. Not just visiting temples and mutts, but ultimately these mutts and temples should not be subjected to government control, harassment, threats, and intimidation…..,” he said.

He referred to the Siddaramaiah government’s move to seek public opinion about bringing mutts and temples under its control which was later withdrawn following protests. “If they (Congress) come again they will do it again. BJP will take a dynamically different view; so mutts and temples and on issues related to culture BJP will have things differently,” Rao said.

The state assembly polls would be a “watershed election”, and a “very important one,” he said. It was not just crucial in the context of the state, but in the context of BJP’s onward march, he said.

Rao said the party was charged up and motivated to “expose” the failures of the Congress. “… in Karnataka the ground is ready. Both perception wise and feedback from the ground level there is large-scale anti-incumbency against the Congress government,” he said.

For the BJP, anti-incumbency or the failures of the government and its performance would be the central subject, he added.

Rao said Siddaramaiah and the Congress had got “jittery” and started deviating from issues on realising their performance was not up to mark.

“Whether it is Kannada or state flag or Mahadayi or Lingayat issue, all these are issues on which he (Siddaramaiah) has woken up after four-and-half years…,” the BJP leader said.

For a party that has ruled Karnataka for so long, talking about Kannada, a state flag or Lingayat now, would not add credibility to it, he said. Rao said BJP was completely focussed on “exposing” the Congress government on its performance and would not allow it to “sidestep” or create a “non-issue.”

Adding to the Congress’ performance, “lack of unity among its leadership and failure to motivate its cadres has added to party’s misery,” he said.

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