BJP in the last National Council meeting has given the call ‘Gaon Chalo,Ghar Chalo’ (गाँव चलो, घर चलो अभियान) to reach every home and every village in the country. As part of this programme, BJP National General Secretary Shri Muralidhar Rao has taken initiative to visit villages of Telangana, particularly in Karimnagar district.


Karimnagar had been the haven of ultra left movement for decades. The region is still in news today, but for the wrong reasons. Karimnagar is one of the regions where the number of suicides of farmers and weavers are the largest in India. Thousands committed suicides in this district in the past decade. The rural economy is totally devastated. Agriculture and allied activities have become unviable and people are therefore being dislocated for survival. As an alternative source of livelihood, thousands of illiterate and semi-literate people have migrated from this district to Middle East. But many of them also had to choose the option of suicide after being cheated by middlemen or being unable to repay loans incurred to go abroad.


UPA and Congress have been ruling at Centre as well as Andhra Pradesh over the past decade. But it has failed absolutely in all fronts including governance, economy, industry, security, legislation etc. The situation is dismal in the rural areas. Corruption is at large from top to bottom. The governments have failed in providing even basic rural amenities.


In Karimnagar, the rural infrastructure including schools, primary health centres etc. are in shambles. Shri Muralidhar Rao while visiting the government schools in the district found that they even lack basic infrastructure like furniture, drinking water facilities or even toilets, due to which the girls are worst affected. In the primary health centres, there no basic support staff and doctors are not available throughout the year. Even under the Indiramma housing scheme, people are not able to obtain loans easily. Eventhough grants were allowed, disbursement has not happened at most of the places. The people are therefore not able to access the benefits of the scheme. Physically handicapped, even those with 80-90% disabilities are not able to get a minimum financial assistance. Clean drinking water is not accessible at most of the places and the fluoride content levels in the water in the region remain unchecked. Old age pensions are not reaching the needy and are diverted to non-eligible hands. The colonies where Scheduled Castes and other backward sections are large in number are the most neglected areas.


Shri Muralidhar Rao pointed out that the backwardness of the district is the best example for the complete failure of Andhra Pradesh government. He said that he will write to the district collector and other concerned departments after collecting all the necessary information.


After visiting villages after villages, he recognized the tremendous response of youth building up for BJP. All sections of the society are looking at BJP as the only genuine alternative for Congress. It has been seen as the only party that stood firm against the manipulations and misuse of power by Congress party.